Before You Decide

Before you decide what school to attend ASK QUESTIONS.

There are many factors in choosing a school, including:

Quality of Education
Hands on Experience


1. How long have you been in the Education industry?
2. What is your experience?
3. How many teachers do you have?
4. What is the pass/fail rate?
5. Have you had any students file complaints with the State Board of Cosmetology? If yes….

a.) What were the complaints?
b.) Are there any complaints awaiting disciplinary action?

6. What is your retention rate?


1. Is the location easy to find and get to?
2. Is the location safe?


1. Does the location attract a clientele to work on?
2. How many clients does the school have?
3. What products are available for use in the school?
4. Can the students work on each other?


1. What are the PROS and CONS to each school?
2. Is the price difference because the education is different?
3. What do I get for my money?
4. Where did the students look the most happy and busy?
5. Do you require we bring a clientel?
6. Do you make us sell retail products?