Color, Lighteners, Back bar, and Hair Care Products

The best way to prepare students for the salon environment is to provide them with a wide array of products for them to work with.

At International Academy of Style we are proud to carry all of the Redken color lines. We keep a supply of 24 of each color at all times:

In the permanent color lines we carry:

  • Color Gels (over 35 shades)
  • Fashion Gels (3 shades), Color Fusion (over 60 shades)
  • Cover Fusion (20 shades)
  • Fashion Fusion (20 shade)
  • High Fusion (6 Shades), Extra Lift Fusion (6 shades)
  • Clear Fusion, Chromatics which is 2X fortified with oils for less damage (40 shades)
  • Fashion Chromatics (6 shades)
  • Clear Chromatics
  • Shades EQ Creams (25 Shades)
  • and Shades EQ Extra Cover (15 shades).

In our Demi-permanent color we carry Shades EQ Gloss (30 shades), and Shades EQ Clear Gloss.

We now carry the new Blonde Idol which has High Lift Colors (6 Shades) and Hair lightener.

Students have the option of using any one of our Hair lighteners such as:

  • Blonde Idol Up to 7 (which lifts 7 shades)
  • Flash Lift (which is a quick lifting bleach)
  • Blonde Icing (which comes with or without Ammonia)
  • and our High and Extra Lift colors.

Redken Hair Products

Students have all of the Redken Shampoos to work with, which include Color Extend, All Soft, Extreme, Clean Brew (for Men), Blonde Idol, and Hair Cleansing Cream.

They also have all of the Redken conditioners (20 kinds) to use for all types of hair.

International Academy of Style allows the students to mix their own hair color and hair lighteners, not a dispensary person, which is extremely important to prepare them for the salon business.

Our students are given all of the Redken Hair Care products to work with on their clients. They can choose from over 50 different hair care products.

Redken is the number one product line in the industry.

Students are also welcome to learn other product lines while in school, Redken is the primary product line used.