Cosmetology School | Reno


We are the RedKen International Academy of Style, Reno’s best cosmetology school. We strive to educate people like YOU to embrace the art of hair, skin & nails. We teach students like you techniques that you’ll need to establish a long-lasting and exciting career in cosmetology. If you’re looking for a cosmetology school located near you, we’re close to the airport in the center of Reno, we are local to you AND your direct line to the newest trends within the industry.

What will you learn at Cosmetology School?

• Haircutting
• Blow Dry Styling
• Shampoo/Rinses
• Scalp Treatments
• Curling Iron Styling
• Roller Styling
• Hair coloring/Bleaching
• Weaving/Frosting
• Permanet Waves/Chemical Relaxer
• Fingerwaving/Skipwaving
• Facials/Skin Care

• Makeup
• Waxing
• Manicuring
• Pedicuring
• Wigs/Hairpieces
• Salon Management
• Reception Desk
• Customer Service
• Modeling
• NV Law & Regulations
• Textbook Theory

You will Receive Advanced Education in:

• Color

• Weaves
• Braiding
• Extensions
• Chemicals
• Styling
• Client Consultation
++++All Advanced Education for the Aesthetician and Nail Technology Programs

Is Cosmetology Academy right for you?


If you’ve ever thought about becoming a hair stylist, nail technician or something that fuels your artistry and gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful, then cosmetology is the right path for you.

Advanced Education:

Advanced Education is not required by the State of Nevada Board of Cosmetology. International Academy of Style believes your education should go beyond the basics to pass the test. International Academy of Style educators prepare you for the demands of a Salon and Clients.